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How do I apply for funding from the EU CHIPS Act?

The EU is investing over €4 billion to strengthen Europe's technological leadership in the semiconductor space. Read the final regulations here and here.

The law establishes a "Chips Fund" to provide funding for for start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and small mid-caps in the semiconductor value chain. Eligible areas include

  • raw and processed materials (e.g., gases)

  • manufacturing equipment

  • research

  • development and innovation

  • design, including related software development

  • fabrication

  • testing 

  • assembly

  • packaging

  • embedding and integration in end products

  • end-of-life processes, such as reuse, disassembly and recycling

Our team helps businesses navigate the funding process with expert grant writing and government relations services.


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1 trillion microchips produced worldwide

EU share of annual production is 10%

Goal is to achieve 20% share by 2030

€43 billion of policy-driven investment 

Latest EU CHIPS Act News

Latest News & Information

  • 25/1/23: MEPs adopt legislation to boost EU chips industry (EU Parliament)

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